I hope the 2015 season turns out well for Kimi and we get something like Nico-Lewis kind of competitive spirit on the track (sour or not, in front the lens or behind closed doors) since the car’s setting this year is more to Alonso’s preference where the weight is spread to the front unlike how Kimi likes his car to be set up with the weight at the back of the car. So hopefully next year the car’s set up is more balance and how Kimi likes it and the other one the way Seb likes it so they can truly perform how they should be performing.
I hate the fact that Ferrari most probably going to be Kimi’s final team in Formula 1 with rumours looming that he might retire at the end of 2015 (which i hope is not true though) with the age factor and all. But if it did not stop Kimi in 2001, why should it now? Or the end of 2015?
Random thoughts on how the next season going to turn out. (via satanslifecoach)